DAVID GRAHAMChief Technology Officer


David has over 7 years working within the SMT market and many more working on software and web products. He comes from a family of Software Engineers which gives him an insight into other industries and trends. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he describes himself as quintessentially British and a bit of an oddball. He saw that there was going to be a growing demand for Industry 4.0 solutions after working as an Software Engineer on DEK Printing Machines MES offerings.

David Graham


Founding partner of the business and since the Creative England Business Accelerator, is now the Chief Technology Officer on the board. He however likes to be known as Software Architect guiding technology choices and researching within the growing trend of the Internet of Things and industrial automation.


Blog published 19th April 2016, Bournemouth, England.
Our Software Architect David Graham describes his experiences of Productronica in Munich, Germany as well as reflecting on the history of software within the SMT manufacturing industry. He concludes on whether machine builders are Industry 4.0 Ready and how they can facilitate the progression toward open data interfaces.

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Published: 21st April 2017, Bournemouth, England.
Our CTO David Graham talks to Steve Harris on BBC Radio about Industry 4.0 and Bournemouth's Silicon South

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Published: 28th April 2017, Bournemouth, England.
Julian Singh steps down as Business Development Manager.

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Published: 30th April 2017, Bournemouth, England.
A consortium of SMT manufacturing equipment vendors release The Hermes Standard to replace SMEMA.

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Published: 23rd October 2017, Bournemouth, England.
INDUSTRY4.UK is featured in a article about Startups in the Bournemouth Echo.

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Published: 20th November 2017, Bournemouth, England.
Our CTO concludes his findings of attending the Smart Factory Expo in Liverpool, UK.

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