Configure the Raspberry Pi with this MultiPlug Extension (https://www.multiplug.app)

Run this extension only on a Raspberry Pi using the .Net Mono runtime.
1.0.12 Bug: https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.Config/issues/8
Bug: https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.Config/issues/7
Enhancement: https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.Config/issues/6
1.0.11 Bug: https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.Config/issues/5
Bug: https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.Config/issues/4
Enhancement: https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.Config/issues/3
Enhancement: https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.Config/issues/2
Enhancement: https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.Config/issues/1
1.0.10 Enhancement: Set User passwords ie change the default pi password
1.0.9 Enhancement: Wifi Scan, Json REST APIs, RTC Sync on save option
1.0.8 Bug: Blank values being writing to dhcpcd.conf after setting changed to dynamic IPs
1.0.7 Able to View or Set non-visual configurations of a Raspberry Pi including Network, Localisation, Interfacing, Boot and Memory. Many options found in the command line tool raspi-config.
1.0.6 Applied new Base classes
1.0.3 Bug: Unix file format
1.0.2 Bug: Changed encoder value to UTF-8
1.0.1 Enhancement: Raspberry Pi IP Address Configuration
1.0.0 Nuget name reserve.

Where a MultiPlug instance has an connection to the Internet, it's easier to use the internal service to install and update an extension.

You can also Side Load an installation by downloading the extension from the link above.