Control the General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) of the Raspberry Pi with this MultiPlug Extension

Run this extension on a Raspberry Pi only using the .Net Mono runtime.
1.0.16 https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.GPIO/issues/5
1.0.15 https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.GPIO/issues/3
1.0.14 Logging levels can be set. Off by default
1.0.13 Checks that WiringPi is installed and provides a download link if it's not
1.0.12 Rebuilt due to changes with base classes
1.0.11 Rebuilt due to changes with base classes
1.0.10 Applied new Base classes
1.0.9 Refactor: Upgraded to latest MultiPlug.Base version
1.0.7 Update for Raspberry Pi 4
1.0.6 Upgraded to base classes
1.0.5 Bug: Prevent duplicate read events
1.0.4 Bugs
1.0.3 Refactor: Upgraded to latest MultiPlug.Base version
1.0.2 Enhancement: Implemented new MultiPlug.Base 1.0.25 contracts.
* Subscribe to changes to Pin values.
* Trigger Pin values with MultiPlug Events.
* Set Pin Input Pull Value - Off, Up, Down.
* Known Bug: Due to the use of a external unmanaged library, error messages may occur on MultiPlug shutdown, however the shutdown will complete successfully.

1.0.0 Nuget name reserve.

Where a MultiPlug instance has an connection to the Internet, it's easier to use the internal service to install and update an extension.

You can also Side Load an installation by downloading the extension from the link above.