SMEMA Extension for the MultiPlug .Net Edge Computing Platform

1.0.13 Enhancement https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.SMEMA/issues/3
Bug https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.SMEMA/issues/2
Enhancement https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.SMEMA/issues/1
1.0.12 Improvements to REST API - See Wiki for documentation: https://github.com/Industry4/MultiPlug.Ext.SMEMA/wiki/REST-API
1.0.11 Settable Line Direction - Left to Right, Right to Left
1.0.10 Settable Startup State in UI
1.0.9 Block Events added for Machine Ready, Good Board and Bad Board
1.0.8 1. Added Global Status Event of blocking. 2. Fetch live value of SMEMA values on startup/init
1.0.7 State bugs
1.0.6 Divert Bug and changes to api signature simplified
1.0.5 Good/Bad Divert API and UI
1.0.4 Interlock REST API for All
1.0.3 Interlock REST API for Machine Ready only
1.0.2 UI Mirros SMEMA signals, no interlocking.
1.0.1 Customer Preview - Settings Page
1.0.0 Reserve name and create project scaffolding.

Where a MultiPlug instance has an connection to the Internet, it's easier to use the internal service to install and update an extension.

You can also Side Load an installation by downloading the extension from the link above.