Exhibiting Debriefing: Smart Factory Expo 2018

A debriefing of exhibiting at our first trade show after being invited by the KTN, part of Innovate UK. What we thought of the 2018 Smart Factory Expo, how it has ...

Brainboxes BB-400 Raspberry Pi Neuron Edge Controller for Industry 4.0 - Launch

Brainboxes have launched their new BB-400 NeuronEdge Controller which is based on the Raspberry Pi compute module and Arduino platform. The MultiPlug ...

Scrapbook: Expo Setup p2

Smart Factory Expo 2018 setup day part 2.

Scrapbook: Expo Setup p1

Smart Factory Expo 2018 setup day part 1.

There's an appetite for Fog Computing at the Smart Factory Expo

4IR.UK CTO David Graham talks about his conclusions of exhibiting at the Smart Factory Expo 2018 and how Fog Computing is becoming a growing trend for ...

Our Experience of Smart Factory Expo 2017

Our CTO of describes his experiences of the Smart Factory Expo 2017 held in Liverpool, UK.

Beginning Bootstrapping

We move out of our Lansdowne Bournemouth offices to work closer to our customers on their premises.

INDUSTRY 4.0 discussion on BBC Radio

Discussion on BBC Radio about the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0 & 4IR) and what part Bournemouth's Silicon South community will play.

MultiPlug: Remote Event Monitor for a ASM DEK Printing Machine

A MultiPlug Walkthrough of how to create a remote view of the User Interface of a ASM DEK Printing Machine using its event log triggers. MultiPlug Extensions ...

MultiPlug: Event Log copy via Serial Connection

A Walkthrough of copying an event log from one instance of MultiPlug to another using a Serial connection between the two. File and Ports Extensions are used ...

MultiPlug: A Simple Flow

Demonstration of configuring the MultiPlug CMS to read a movement sensor via Brainboxes hardware and displaying the result on a dashboard projected via a ...

Introducing our office in Lansdowne, Bournemouth, UK

David introduces the INDUSTRY4.UK office and explains its location is within Bournemouth's new Business District which will be strategically important to be ...