Our Industry 4.0 (4th) Business Anniversary and the story so far...

00:00 The business is celebrating it's 4th Anniversary
00:35 Bournemouth beach and story of the area
02:29 Telecom House, 35 Holdenhurst Road, Lansdowne, Bournemouth
05:10 The Helm, Lansdowne
05:46 Regus Bournemouth Coworking and Serviced Offices, Lansdowne
05:59 Oxford Point, Lansdowne
06:18 Bailey Point, Lansdowne
07:01 New Secondary School, Bournemouth
07:17 Skyline International Student Accommodation, Lansdowne
08:01 Belaton House, Private Student Accommodation, Lansdowne
08:23 Bournemouth Gateway, Bournemouth University, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
08:53 Home Park, Arts University Bournemouth, Student Accommodation, Lansdowne
08:56 4Com Telephone Systems, Lansdowne
09:11 Seed of the business, formed at ASM DEK Printing Machines, Weymouth, Dorset
13:25 Business Lesson: Form or migrate your business and product towards an area with the right skillset
17:23 Experiences of working in the Digital Economy
18:48 First Bourne Start-up Business Accelerator delivered by Silicon South, Bournemouth
19:30 Investors encourage co-founding a business
21:56 What is a Business Accelerator
23:20 Appling for the Business Accelerator
23:52 The Student Centre, Bournemouth University, Beach Hut Photos
23:58 Business Lesson: We didn't get accepted first time, keep trying!
25:24 The challenges of attending a Business Accelerator as a private business.
26:13 Playing the Game
28:11 Business Accelerator Photos
31:46 The Pitch Event at the start
32:22 What did we get from the Business Accelerator
33:12 The Pitch Event at the end
36:51 Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse your business pitches!
38:41 Where are the other companies now?
41:46 What have we achieved in 4 years?
41:53 MultiPlug Edge Computing Platform
42:29 Quentin SMEMA Hermes Adaptor
43:27 Business Lesson: Eat your own dog food (dogfooding) and Scratch your own itch
44:50 Keep in contact with your local business support bubbles
46:01 Questions and Answers of the experiences in the 4 years
47:17 Q&A If you were starting out now would you do anything differently?
49:41 Q&A What has been the most challenging moment?
51:54 Q&A Any advice about Bootstrapping?
56:58 Q&A What are some things you wish you'd have known before starting?
58:16 Q&A Do you have a backup plan if things fall through?
01:01:01 Q&A Has it been hard to get funds for everything you want to do?
01:05:06 Q&A Do you have an end goal in mind after which you'll stop and move on to something else?
01:05:51 Q&A Do you get any negativity or scepticism about your idea, if so how do you deal with it?
01:09:10 Q&A Do you have any regrets?
01:11:23 David's advice to Business Start-up Founders
01:14:15 Thank you for all the support along our journey and Thank You for watching