Introducing our Hermes Standard product used within Electronic Assembly and 5th Anniversary

00:00 Our 5th Anniversary
00:15 Electronic Assembly. Inside the factory at CT Production, Poole
01:09 Applying solder paste using a Speedprint SP710AVi SMT stencil printer
01:19 Starting a Europlacer iineo Pick and Place Machine
02:28 Final Assembly at Barclays Eagle Labs, Bournemouth
02:37 Eagle Labs Bournemouth Tour
04:08 Final Assembly of the Quentin SMEMA Hermes Adaptor in the Eagle Labs Maker Space
04:51 Timeline of product development
05:16 September 2018 - Contacted Pete Beckett
07:04 March 2019 - Contacted Lief Reichert and Thomas Bliem at ASM Assembly Systems, Munich
07:33 May 2019 - SMEMA Hermes Adaptor Prototype Enclosure
09:57 Development of Front-End Browser based User Interface
10:08 Working with the Digital Economy
10:39 June 2019 - Introduction to CT Production
11:26 August 2019 - Lucy Devall of the Arts University Bournemouth EU Match Funding
12:20 April 2019 - Empact Ventures Super Connect pitch event in Poole Blog: https://www.4ir.uk/blogs/call-for-pilot-project-collaboration/
13:25 October 2019 - SMEMA Hermes Adaptor Mk1 Enclosure
13:58 Hermes Meeting at ASM Assembly Systems in Weymouth
14:16 DEK RTC Hermes Standard upgrade challenge
16:11 Solution Engineering using Brainboxes ED-038 with the MultiPlug Hermes software
17:21 SMEMA Ethernet Adaptor - More Info: https://www.smema-ethernet-adaptor.info/
17:55 January 2020 - SMEMA Hermes Adaptor Mk2
19:02 June 2020 - SMEMA Hermes Adaptor Mk3 AKA Quentin, the production product
23:49 Software demonstration using the MultiPlug Edge Computing Platform
35:41 Conclusion of the product developments
37:26 Bournemouth, Lansdowne Business District pedestrian improvements
38:04 BCP Operated 5G Testbed
38:18 Thank you for watching more information at https://www.the-hermes-standard-smema-adaptor.info/ and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKCFFDMeSOTfL5hVzUnTFPg
39:11 Thanks goes to Lucy Devall, Nick Morilla, Michael Burnford, Chace Teera, Sharon Jones, Arts University Bournemouth, CT Production, SmartBoxx CamdenBoss and Eagle Labs

Full SMEMA Hermes Adaptor product information at: https://www.the-hermes-standard-smema-adaptor.info/
The Hermes Standard: https://www.the-hermes-standard.info/
CT Production: https://www.ctproduction.co.uk/
SmartBoxx CamdenBoss: https://www.camdenboss.com/
The Arts University Bournemouth: https://aub.ac.uk/
Pete Beckett at ETHIOT : https://ethiot.co/