Surviving a Global Pandemic as a StartUp in Electronic Assembly. Have we moved towards Industry 4.0?

Our September 2020 product development update and our experiences of the UK lockdown. Bookmarks: 00:00 Stay tuned. 00:12 Bournemouth and Weymouth lockdown images. 00:30 Welcome. 01:41 SMEMA Hermes Adaptor Mk2 Testing at Pulse Eight. 02:20 Going Dual Lane and the DEK RTC legacy product challenge. 07:10 Test Video 1 - Normal board movement with the Hermes Standard (IPC-HERMES-9852). 09:52 Test Video 2 - Injecting a PCB into a SMT assembly line with MultiPlug user prompt. 13:44 Doing business during lockdown. 14:57 Avoiding Snowball delay and Project Management. 17:33 SMEMA Hermes Adaptor Progress update. 18:14 Push towards Disruptive Technology. Government and Investor Rant. 19:05 Industry Challenge bucket? idea. Problems of the Industry that need fixing. 20:41 Working from Home and the emotional side of lockdown. 22:15 Creating a SMEMA to Hermes Standard interface using Brainboxes ED-038 I/O hardware and the MultiPlug Edge Computing Platform. 24:35 The SMEMA Hermes Adaptor Mk3 will feature a serial port. 25:47 Scoop TV Interviews. 27:56 ASM AS online Impact day featuring new ASM DEK TQ Printer. 28:55 How do the software industry such as Apple and Google demonstrate their new products? 29:12 The trade show salesman 'club' is now disbanded? 30:25 Software integrators will become the customer of the future. An ecosystem will be created similar to Apple's and Google's. 32:09 Scoop TV Interview Digital Disruptors - CEOs of Instrumental and Clip Automation. 34:01 Commentary on the Digital Disruptors interview. Where is the incentive of working lean? Stay small and bootstrap or Go big and dream? 41:22 Hardware Vs Software - Robin Saxby of ARM and Steve Jobs of Apple. 42:27 Robin Saxby - Listen to the Voice of Customer. 43:20 Steve Jobs - Sales and Marketing people who listen to Voice of Customer drive out innovation by running the companies. 44:48 Summary of our lockdown experience. Bootstrapping and a financial runway helps! 45:31 Lots of consolidation which has pros and cons. Drive to create line solutions. 46:20 We are always happy to give feedback for equipment manufactures. 46:57 Always seeking collaboration partnerships within the Electronic Assembly SMT and other industries. 47:15 Seeking SMEMA Hermes Adaptor beta testers. 47:45 Public funding is available from government and targeted funding pots. Always much easier to bid for when multiple companies are involved. Get in contact with us. 49:29 Other Start-up businesses, lets collaborate! 50:28 Industry 4.0, the Forth Industrial Revolution, is a People Revolution - We are trying to connect the digital economy with manufacturing. People, not Technology is our focus. 52:08 Thank you for watching. More Information: SMEMA Hermes Adaptor: https://www.4ir.uk/products/smema-hermes-adaptor/ Brainboxes ED-038: http://www.brainboxes.com/product/ed-038/ethernet-to-3-relay-3-digital-in MultiPlug Edge Computing Platform: https://www.multiplug.app Scoop TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjzfiQYhqvxKU3hwojy4onA ASM DEK TQ Impact Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bH4X6I2FPlo Robin Saxby Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO5PsAY5aaI Steve Jobs Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thxg1-iLRT8 Public Funding Opportunities: https://apply-for-innovation-funding.service.gov.uk/competition/649/overview