Markus Mittermair chairs The Hermes Standard

Markus Mittermair of Rehm Thermal Systems becomes the new chair of The Hermes Standard Initiative.

At the regular members meeting of The Hermes Standard Initiative held online in June 2022, the members elected Markus Mittermair to become the next chair of the initiative.

The chair is changed every two years and the baton is passed from Håkan Sandell of Mycronic who due to the 2020 worldwide health situation introduced the membership to an online form of meetings making them far more accessible and visible to all.

Markus is Head of Software Development at Rehm who manufacture reflow soldering systems with convection or condensation and also manufacture drying and coating systems with headquarters in Blaubeuren, Germany.

The Hermes Standard now sports 66 members with many more manufacturers implementing the data standard using the documentation and test software found on the Hermes website.

Markus Mittermair Rehm Group Hermes Standard

IPC-HERMES-9852 is focused on PCB (Printed Circuit Board) transfer from one manufacturing equipment to another down a production line. It is the replacement of IPC-SMEMA-9851 so can be seen as a Horizontal control technology and differs from IPC-2591, 'the connected factory exchange', aka IPC-CFX, as this is a pure data channel to the Vertical systems via AMQP.

Using IPC-HERMES-9852 means customers will benefit from new out-the-box functionality such as automatic changeover and product verification and traceability.

We joined the initiative in 2019 after identifying that legacy SMEMA equipment required technology to upgrade it to work with the new data standard. With support funding from the European Union a side-project was matured to form our SMEMA Hermes Adaptor and that was released to market in 2022.

We thank Markus for taking on the role of chair and look forward to his first meeting at APEX EXPO 2023 in January which we will be attending in person.

SMEMA Hermes Adaptor Solo Background

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