SMEMA Hermes Adaptor Product Launch Live Stream during Productronica 2021 for IPC-HERMES-9852

The product launch of the SMEMA Hermes Adaptor recorded on the 17th November 2021 during Productronica 2021.
Available to buy from https://www.smartfactorydirect.com
More Information: https://www.4ir.uk/products/smema-hermes-adaptor/
Brochure and Datasheet: https://www.the-hermes-standard-smema-adaptor.info/
00:00 Countdown
00:06 The Stream Begins
01:09 An introduction from David Graham, Product Manager at 4IR.UK British Systems
01:24 The history of IPC-HERMES-9852
03:06 Product beginnings
03:28 Introducing the SMEMA Hermes Adaptor
03:36 DIN Rail Mounting option
03:40 How it works
06:20 Connections to SMEMA
07:01 Powering the Adaptor
07:13 Powering via a 240/110v power brick
07:36 24v Industrial Power
08:05 Power over Ethernet (PoE)
08:45 Power over Ethernet injector option
09:32 Mounting Options DIN Rail
09:43 Wall Mount
09:53 Magnetic Mount
10:19 Connection ports SMEMA, Serial, USB, Ethernet
11:44 Target Customer
12:35 Purchasing and Shipping details
13:55 Supply Chain
14:45 Open for product improvement suggestions and collaboration
16:00 Software Demonstration
17:35 MultiPlug Edge Computing Platform Solution Architecture
26:43 Architecture Vs Real World MultiPlug
27:30 Demo: Running a PCB through
30:54 Hermes Standard Service Descriptions
31:01 The equipment parameters
31:08 Scan Station
31:33 SMEMA States
31:43 Demo: Board Width Change
32:18 Manual Operator Approval and User Interface
32:31 Automatic Width adjustment via Serial Port
32:42 Nutek Conveyor Documentation
34:35 Demo: No Hermes Data using the Scan Station
35:30 Alterative solution instillation
35:50 Overview of Adaptors software configuration
36:02 Software Settings Setup
36:37 Software Settings for Upstream
37:48 Software Settings for Upstream Automatic Board Width Change Event
39:36 Software Settings for Upstream SMEMA Machine Ready Subscriptions
40:14 Software Settings for Downstream
44:51 Software Settings for the Serial Port
45:46 Software Settings for the Serial Port with Nutek Conveyors
46:32 Software Settings for Network Sockets and Hermes Connections
47:34 Handling Multiple boards for PCB Buffer Conveyors
49:20 Product Roadmap
52:17 Credits